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Friday, March 18, 2011

How to Get Great Goodies and Magazines for Free!

Just wanted to share my great goodies and let you in on how you too can get awesome goodies, free movie rentals, Free magazine subscriptions, and much much more for just enjoying Coca cola products! I went a really long time before I actually started entering my codes and I really wish I would have started sooner. Each coke product has a code printed either on the cap, label or inside of the box. That code can be entered online to earn MyCokeRewards. Each coke product is worth different amounts but the points add up fast! I have recieved many great items with my points. Mostly, I love to get my FREE magazine subscriptions there. Tons of brand name magazines for FREE! Who can pass this up?

It's super simple!
1. Collect all the Coke codes you can (You can also enter one at a time.)
2. Create your Mycokerewards acct by visiting MyCokeRewards
3. Enter your codes to collect them up and redeem for great prizes!

Their prizes change from time to time and some are in short supply, so check back often!

Here are a few of the magazine subscriptions that I have received personally for free with my coke rewards...

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  1. Great info girl!!! I never knew how to get free goodies this is great,