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A Time for Nesting

Wow! Things have been escalating in the physical, emotional, and spiritual! Lately I cannot get enough of reading the word, studying prophecy, catching up on current events and praying. We all as believers have that yearning for more when we are hungry. I know I do! I know hat I am no where near perfect and have a lot to work on my in soo many areas. I am thankful that He is humbling me and I’m praying for more humbling as this process continues. I’m trying to embrace all of the correction he throws my way.

Prophecy has been lining up so quickly and accurately. The signs are all around us for the return of our King! The king of kings! Yahshua ha mashiach(Jesus the Messiah) 
Tonight while in prayer, I began to pray for protection for family from all sorts of things, and I’m going down the list: physical, against sickness, spiritual, financial, provisions, etc. I try to keep up with my prayer life for others and I have been sooo guilty before of saying I would pray and not actually get…

A Dream of Rivers of Living water

First, I would like to start off by saying this was one of the most amazing dreams I have had. I definately remember this dream but had not remembered the whole thing or that I had posted it to social media when I had it. I just recently started keeping a dream log to reference back and have not written any of my older but seemingly important dreams down. It’s one of the reasons I have been posting them here and there.

When I had this dream I could not remember what I was being shown but I knew it was something very important. I’m sure I had read parts of the passage of scripture I will post afterwards, but maybe not. If I had, even at the time I do not remember. I feel like I may have truly dreamt this passage of scripture without even knowing it. When I posted my dream on Jan 6, 2016, my cousin commenting that it sounded like Ezekiel 47 but honestly I don’t even remember if I looked it up. If I did, it was not revelation for that time. Y’all this hit me to the core reading my dream…