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A Dream of Rivers of Living water

First, I would like to start off by saying this was one of the most amazing dreams I have had. I definately remember this dream but had not remembered the whole thing or that I had posted it to social media when I had it. I just recently started keeping a dream log to reference back and have not written any of my older but seemingly important dreams down. It’s one of the reasons I have been posting them here and there.

When I had this dream I could not remember what I was being shown but I knew it was something very important. I’m sure I had read parts of the passage of scripture I will post afterwards, but maybe not. If I had, even at the time I do not remember. I feel like I may have truly dreamt this passage of scripture without even knowing it. When I posted my dream on Jan 6, 2016, my cousin commenting that it sounded like Ezekiel 47 but honestly I don’t even remember if I looked it up. If I did, it was not revelation for that time. Y’all this hit me to the core reading my dream…