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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Team up with your Friends to WIN!

Team up with everyone you know for a chance to win $5,000 for your favorite grade school or high school. All you have to do is register and watch the trailer for "Game of Your Life." It's a humorous and heartfelt video gaming drama about a promising young video game designer who has to make a choice that will affect his future and the lives of everyone around him. Then ask all your friends, family, teachers, fellow parents and PTO members – everyone you know – to watch it so they can vote for your school once a day, too. Because if any one of the people you tell wins, your school wins $5,000.


Zach, a high school gamer who lands a scholarship to an elite video game design program, has a bright future as long as he can survive the intense freshman year project that eliminates half the class in the first three months. But when Zach learns that his father is in financial trouble, he has to make a choice that will affect his future and the lives of everyone around him. This humorous and heartfelt drama is a great reminder to kids – and all of us – that the choices they make impact the people around them. "Game of Your Life" airs Friday, December 2nd 8/7c on NBC.

Friday, April 29, 2011

DIY Project-Spruce Up Old Treasures!

Have old items that you love the shape but not the color? Well, I have this DIY that I did on an older mirror that was still in good shape, just wanted a more modern color.. You can find lots of items through flea markets, Goodwill, etc and spruce them up with just a little spray paint!

All you need is the item you want to fix up, spray paint in your choice, gloves, newspaper (or something to cover areas you dont want painted, painters tape, and a mask for your face.

Here is my mirror before(prepped and ready for paint of course):
I didnt sand it because I bought the Krylon Paint that should be good for any surface and figured I really didnt have anything to lose but a few bucks for paint.

Here is the after, with a few coats of paint:

I used Krylon Special Purpose Metallics Spray paint in Bright Silver. I think it came out really well and love my new mirror! So, find something to brighten up and be daring! Spray paint comes in almost any color you can imagine and many different textures.. I would love to see your DIY projects also! Please share...

Love and Spray Paint!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Get a Free Sample of Clean & Clear Body Wash!

Just wanted to let everyone know that you can recieve a FREE sample of Clean & Clear Body wash while supplies last. I found this in my Allure Magazine I received today. To get your sample, text BODY to 467467. Im sure standard text message rates apply.

You can also go here to print out coupons for Clean & Clear products.

Thanks for checking back on my blog! Hope you get yours before they run out!

                                             <3  Ulyssia

How to Get Great Goodies and Magazines for Free!

Just wanted to share my great goodies and let you in on how you too can get awesome goodies, free movie rentals, Free magazine subscriptions, and much much more for just enjoying Coca cola products! I went a really long time before I actually started entering my codes and I really wish I would have started sooner. Each coke product has a code printed either on the cap, label or inside of the box. That code can be entered online to earn MyCokeRewards. Each coke product is worth different amounts but the points add up fast! I have recieved many great items with my points. Mostly, I love to get my FREE magazine subscriptions there. Tons of brand name magazines for FREE! Who can pass this up?

It's super simple!
1. Collect all the Coke codes you can (You can also enter one at a time.)
2. Create your Mycokerewards acct by visiting MyCokeRewards
3. Enter your codes to collect them up and redeem for great prizes!

Their prizes change from time to time and some are in short supply, so check back often!

Here are a few of the magazine subscriptions that I have received personally for free with my coke rewards...

Are you "Supreme"??

Just wanted to share with yall my Supreme "Kandee Johnson" inspired necklace that I have been waiting to purchase. This necklace was originally made for Kandee as a gift. Her necklace was made from the real original logo of a Cutlass Supreme car. These are a replica of that same necklace with all of the appropriate measurements.
I finally awarded myself with one for doing so well in my first month of Scentsy. I received my necklace in the mail, in a box and when I opened it up it was so much prettier than I thought it would be. I knew it was going to be beautiful but it exceedes my expectations. It is made out of Rhodium but the Sterling Silver necklace is available for a bit more pricier for a limited time only, if it is still available to order. Missy with Pinky Loco is soo friendly and was very helpful through the order process which was short and sweet.

I opened the box up and touched it for the first time and realized it is much sturdier than expected. Heavy duty and just plain stunning!
Definately glad I purchased this one and maybe one day I would love
to give one of these beautiful Mama Jammas away!
Hoping my business takes off so I can do this for my very special friends
that support me soo much. I really am so glad to have all of you as my
followers and friends.

Please stay tuned for more reviews, hauls, giveaways, etc~

I also have a giveaway going on right now on my youtube channel!

If you would like to purchase your very own "Supreme" necklace,
You can do so here:

Heading to bed now and hope to get a few more blogs up soon!
Thanks for reading!

Hugs and Supremeness from Ulyssia

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Great Prices on NYX Cosmetics at

First off, I would like to thank for sending this review to me. This is a super generous amount of products to review. I was very impressed with the fast shipping and great packaging of their products.

I will start with the HD primer.

It came in nice packaging along with everything else and came out really easily. You do have to be careful with this one because a little goes a long way and it does pump a good bit out in one pump, so go easy on it. It glides on fast and smooth and gets your skin revved up and ready for your makeup. It comes in 1 universal color and the bottle is 1.16 oz (33g).

The HD Foundation in HDF01 Nude..
This color matches my fair skin tone really well! I was quite surprised how porcelain it made my skin look. My skin was soft and smooth and did not look cakey. I have used Clinque foundation for years and the color is great but I always did find that it would cling to blemishes and dry spots more. This one did not. I dont know if the primer helped with that or if the foundation is just that great. I do have a few spots that I wish it would cover a little more but the whole point of a HD foundation is to have more flawless looking skin that looks like your natural skin and not "makeup". This one I give 2 thumbs up! The bottle is 1.26oz or 36g.

Next is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in color smlc08 San Paulo

This is such a beautiful color! To be honest I didnt quite know what this was going to be but I really am impressed with it. I thought it would be like other glosses. Its not a gloss though, and its not lipstick, it is a lipstick cream that goes on smooth and silky and looks soft matte. It is really silky to the touch and glides on well. Not clumpy at all. It smells like Vanilla cake batter. Does not really have a taste but I have to commend this one as well! Tube does not list the amount inside.

Then the Fly with me Mascara in Jet Black
This mascara is really great. Its a dark black color and does great applying your mascara. The wand is like one I have never seen before but whatever it is, it works! lengthens and seperates. Not the most dramatic mascara but great for everyday wear! The tube is 8g or 0.28oz

And last but not least, the fabulous Nude on Nude Eyeshadow and Lip Color Palette!

This palette has 20 deliciously gorgeous eyeshadows and 10 perfectly chosen lip colors for Nude on Nude look! It also comes with a double sided eyeshadow wand and a double sided lip color brush applicator.The colors are nicely pigmented and are soo beautiful! Many different choices for a more nude look to a more dramatic evening look. Some of the colors were a little crooked in the packaging but that does not bother me, they are all still there and intact. Nice shimmery colors and more matte toned down colors compliment each other really well. Lip colors range from shimmery pink to a plum color. All in all, it is a great palette and worth every penny of the $22.50 that is charged for it on their website. It is very well made, heavy duty and sturdy. Net wt. 24g or 0.85oz

To find these items and more check out

They have the best prices for NYX Cosmetics, such a great deal!

Hope yall enjoyed this review! Stay tuned for more!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Check out AprilAthena7's Giveaway!!

I copied and pasted the giveaway from her blog as well as the pictures with it..
This is a super Awesome giveaway coming from a super awesome
Lady! Check out the blog post here
You can also check out the YT video to her giveaway here:
Have fun! And good luck everyone!
For my U.S. & Canadian subscribers here is what you'll win:

1st Prize:
sponsored by Flat Iron
I created a tutorial on Voluminous Romantic Curls here.

Please measure yourself for the correct size.  Allison Izu will not cover return shipping if the jeans do not fit you.  My YouTube review is here and blog post here.

Custom made Chocri chocolates!  My review is here.

Custom made jewelry by Gem Kitty
This is the necklace Gem Kitty allowed me to create:

Green or Grey scarf from The Loop Scarf:

 Lush Vanilla Delite Lotion
Cure Natural Aqua Gel sponsored from Beauty Carousel
Lush Tin
2 samples of Rock Star Lush Soap

ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder
False Eyelashes
Gingeng Mask Pask, 1 sheet mask
Zoya Nail Polish Burke
Revlon Nail Polish Touch of Mauve
Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes
Zoya Hot Lips Gloss Flame
LA Colors shadows
NYC Mosaic eye powder
Del Sol Nail Polish, applies on clear, turn magenta in sun light
Urban Decay gloss Deep
ELF Lip Gloss New York City
NYX Felt Tip Liner Jet Black
ELF Lip Color Duo
Castledew Lipgloss #26 from Asian Fashion City

2nd Prize:
A box of lashes sponsored by Kiwiberry1

A top sponsored by Allison Izu

3rd Prize:
A top sponsored by Allison Izu

If you have a blog, please place this banner on your blog as well as the link to my YouTube giveaway video.