DIY Project-Spruce Up Old Treasures!

Have old items that you love the shape but not the color? Well, I have this DIY that I did on an older mirror that was still in good shape, just wanted a more modern color.. You can find lots of items through flea markets, Goodwill, etc and spruce them up with just a little spray paint!

All you need is the item you want to fix up, spray paint in your choice, gloves, newspaper (or something to cover areas you dont want painted, painters tape, and a mask for your face.

Here is my mirror before(prepped and ready for paint of course):
I didnt sand it because I bought the Krylon Paint that should be good for any surface and figured I really didnt have anything to lose but a few bucks for paint.

Here is the after, with a few coats of paint:

I used Krylon Special Purpose Metallics Spray paint in Bright Silver. I think it came out really well and love my new mirror! So, find something to brighten up and be daring! Spray paint comes in almost any color you can imagine and many different textures.. I would love to see your DIY projects also! Please share...

Love and Spray Paint!


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