Are you "Supreme"??

Just wanted to share with yall my Supreme "Kandee Johnson" inspired necklace that I have been waiting to purchase. This necklace was originally made for Kandee as a gift. Her necklace was made from the real original logo of a Cutlass Supreme car. These are a replica of that same necklace with all of the appropriate measurements.
I finally awarded myself with one for doing so well in my first month of Scentsy. I received my necklace in the mail, in a box and when I opened it up it was so much prettier than I thought it would be. I knew it was going to be beautiful but it exceedes my expectations. It is made out of Rhodium but the Sterling Silver necklace is available for a bit more pricier for a limited time only, if it is still available to order. Missy with Pinky Loco is soo friendly and was very helpful through the order process which was short and sweet.

I opened the box up and touched it for the first time and realized it is much sturdier than expected. Heavy duty and just plain stunning!
Definately glad I purchased this one and maybe one day I would love
to give one of these beautiful Mama Jammas away!
Hoping my business takes off so I can do this for my very special friends
that support me soo much. I really am so glad to have all of you as my
followers and friends.

Please stay tuned for more reviews, hauls, giveaways, etc~

I also have a giveaway going on right now on my youtube channel!

If you would like to purchase your very own "Supreme" necklace,
You can do so here:

Heading to bed now and hope to get a few more blogs up soon!
Thanks for reading!

Hugs and Supremeness from Ulyssia


  1. Thanks Supreme Babe! I love the review and you are such a sweetie! Thanks for sharing with your Supreme Sisters too! :) I cannot wait to see what other fun things you come up with!

    Have a wonderful nights sleep. I am headed there as well! Where does the night go!

    Hugs & Luvs!

  2. hey dear nice blog =) im following you here! amina here! u remind me? =)

  3. Thanks! Do you mean remember you? Of course I do if that is what you are asking. Glad you liked my blog!

  4. I love your necklace :D Its so funky.


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