Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone and welcome to my blog! Here I will offer my advice, deals, experiences, hauls, reviews, Giveaways and much more! I am a stay at home wife and mother of 2 children and a stepmother of 2 children that I love as my own as well. I enjoy making myself pretty with makeup and trying new products~ I believe that being a wife and mother does not mean that you have to give makeup and fashion, or doing things that make you feel beautiful! You are never too old to love colorful accessories, big chunky rings, glittery makeup, or Hello Kitty for that matter! I believe that fashion is not necessarily the newest styles or high tag items, its what expresses you! Some peoples' style is retro, while other are old fashioned, while the next person may love vintage.. I say all the time "whatever you like is in!" I personally am very eclectic in my personal tastes, as you will come to see on my blog here and my youtube channel. I am still kind of new to filming videos and its always awkward for me for some reason. I hope that goes away with time. I was SUPER camera shy as a child so its a feat for me to even make a video.. I hope you enjoy my blog and please follow and check back often for much more to come! I have some great giveaways coming very soon as well!


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