Hmmm...Vanilla cupcakes?? Kandee Johnson is on to something!

So all of you Kandee Johnson fans and followers might have heard about this one! Comptoir Sud Pacifique-Vanille Extreme Perfume! I love her videos and she is such a kind spirited person. If you dont know who she is, then I think you should check her out. Awesome makeup, hair, DIY tutorials and lots more!

Well, to the point of this blog. I saw in one of her videos on her favorite perfume. HMM... got me thinking that I was running low on some good perfume so I decided to try it. I never was much of a vanilla person as far as scents go but I heard her raving about this one and saw MANY great reviews on this as well through websites as I was searching it out. I ran across it on They offer ALMOST every brand of perfume at awesome prices. I looked on the original website for this particular one and it was like $75 I believe. I cant remember right off hand but it was super high. More than I was willing to pay for perfume anyways! Well, I found it on Fragrancenet for around $43 for a 1.6 oz bottle plus shipping, then to top it off I found a coupon code that took my total down to around $39. So, hey not too bad.

Shipping took a little over a week, which is not too bad.. I opened the box afraid that I might not like it being it was a Vanilla scent, but like I said I was willing to give it a try! OMG..This smells just like a vanilla cake baking! It is such a clean, light vanilla scent.. Not one of the overpowering ones that give you a major headache (Im sure some of yall know which ones I'm talking about!)..I believe the bottle will last me a good while as there is a good bit of product in it. It is 1.6 oz like I said but it is full to the top!

My order came with a free sample of Exceptional perfume and a purple foldable travel mirror that has the website listed on it. The sample smells really nice! I compare it to "Pleasures" by Estee Lauder. This is the details listed for this perfume " A distinctly feminine fragrance featuring a crisp and elegant introduction, a lightly spiced floral heart and sensual dry down. " The reason why I am posting about the exceptional fragrance is because they included a offer with it that I will not use and thought some of you might like to take up on it. The offer is for $20 off your next purchase of Exceptional perfume through or by phone 1-800-parfums. You must use coupon code WEVC4 at checkout to receive discount! Its a one time and one purchase coupon.. I'm sure if you are interested, each person can use this coupon code one time each.

I absolutely love my new fragrance and maybe you will stop by and check it out also! My daughters tell me that I smell soo good "like cupcakes with icing on top!" HA HA.. Hope you enjoy this blog and my special offer that you can snatch up! I did not get paid for this review or anything. I paid for this with my own money and just loved the product!

 Lots of love and cupcake scents!


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